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WAREFOR goes Green

New Warehouse  Equipment  Arrival

Our new fleet of Lithium-ion Battery Forklifts are eco-friendly and safe to operate. 

The Hangcha Electric Forklifts with Lithium-ion Technology are designed to be powerful and flexible. They maintain lifting capacity and have extended operational time with a single charge. This design allows forklifts to be used in narrow aisle applications. The exterior of the forklifts are powder coated in a durable, easy to see, green finish that designates it as lithium-ion powered.  


The innovative and reliable battery cells and modules are manufactured to the highest standard by CATL exclusively for

Hangcha Electric Forklifts.

The batteries are pollution-free, release zero emissions and recyclable.


The Hangcha Electric Forklifts are designed to meet both ANSI and ITSDF safety standards. This means that forklifts are equipped with:

An emergency cut off switch
An overloading protection system
The controller automatically reduces the speed while cornering

The Hangcha Electric Forklifts can work through several shifts, charging during breaks without needing to stop for hours to recharge.


The Hangcha Electric Forklifts designed with comfort in mind. The suspension seat, steering column and levers can be easily adjusted.


The MOSFIT integrated control system provides accurate control of traveling, fork movement and adjustment of motor performance. The forklifts also will not roll back on the ramp thanks to the controller.

We are very happy to improve work environment for our employees and workflow and efficiency for our customers and partners.


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